Steelike Cheetah Sealing System 16 oz.

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Introducing the New Proprietary Steelike CHEETAH Sealing System!


Comes in a 16 oz. "leak proof" HDPE chemical resistant jar.


Will not freeze during shipping.


Contains V.O.C.s so can only be shipped by UPS Ground.

Can not be shipped by AIR.


This is the second Steelike Sealer System added to the product line.

It is a solvent based, quick apply and dry sealing system.

It can be applied via spraying or dip and rolling with a high quality high density foam roller cover.

Question: Is it replacing the original.

Answer: Absolutely not. It is an addition to the line.

What is different?

answer: This one has several solvents so it contains vocs. It utilizes the optional anti-abrasive particle technology. Dries to touch in minutes. Has excellent acid, stain and abrasion resistance. It is designed to be applied to unsealed concrete. Clean with denatured alcohol and then apply two thin coats. Within minutes it dries to the touch. Within hours it is ready for careful use. With in 12 hours it will be 95% final cure and at 24 hours ready for normal use.

NOTE: Always test a small area prior to attempting to do an entire area. 

How is it applied?

answer: It can be dip and rolled or sprayed or applied with a foam pad applicator. This system is designed to be applied in TWO VERY THIN coats. It is not a high build system. With Cheetah, less is definitely more. Two very thin coats = one remaining coat at the proper thickness. 

When will it be available?

answer: Within a few weeks.

What about pricing?

answer: It will be the same price as the original Steelike™ Sealing System $79

What is it?
It is a hybrid resin based UV stable, indoor/outdoor solvent based exclusive.

How many parts?

answer: TWO. Part A the main product which is an exact blend of solids and specific solvents at exact ratios as to thin it down allowing it to be rolled or sprayed on. And part B which are the optional anti-abrasive particles.

Does it smell prior to curing and do I need good ventilation when applying?

answer: absolutely. However, once cured it has no oder.

How many coats are recommended?

answer: TWO VERY THIN COATS, you apply a primer coat and then a final coat. If your adding the anti abrasion particles you only incorporate them into the final coat.


answer: We are dialing that in now but so far we're getting the same coverage as the original system.

Does it pop color?

answer: Yes, approximately 30-35%



Arrived yesterday.
Only waiting for bottle labels.

SDSs took a while but every regulation has been met.

Will begin shipping within 10 days.

Will not freeze.

Because of ingredients this sealer can only ship UPS GROUND.

Stay tuned.

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