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Consulting Services

All Steelike related support is free!


However, if you......


Have a good mix design but want to take it to the next level?


Have a mix design but often get anomalies or inconsistencies?


Want to create your mix design from scratch but don’t know where to begin?


If you answered yes to any of the above I can help.


I will confidentially advise you how to tweak, modify or create your own mix design and you pay nothing if you do not see a noticeable difference.


Other services include helping you design a custom mold, calculating cost and much more.


Technical support for other manufacture's product including, but not limited to sealer, mix designs, additives.


Also offered are testing and evaluation for what you  use or what we create together.


In a word of thousands of options of additives, ingredients and advise from different products, you can now get the attention and help you need. 


Often with the "big" companies getting someone on the phone can be difficult.  and even more frustrating is call them with a problem and being told you need to add even more of additive "A" when that is already one of the most expensive ingredients in your mix.


After over two decades in our industry, developing ways to test, tweak and improve mix designs, I invented a certified ASTM tested Ultra High Performance Fiber Reinforced  aka UHPFRC mix design.  It has broken at 30,000 psi and is flexible, just about invisible to weather and requires almost no post-production. You may not need these types of results but may want to take your mix design to the next level.  And do so affordably, effectively and by using materials you can get locally in most cases.

I now have the network, accreditations and experience to most likely reduce your cost while improving your mix design.



Unless you specifically give permission, nothing we create will be shared and will be owned by you and/or your company. Period!



The process:

1) We enter into a confidential agreement whereas we agree that any information shared between us, stays between us.

2) We discuss your existing mix design and what you hope to achieve.

3) If a new mix design is desired we have a similar conversation.

4) Initially we use a Dropbox for exchanging short videos of you mixing, pouring, curing and demolding your existing or newly created mix design.

5) We analyze the results and create a baseline for additional modifications, if needed.

6) I do a true cost analyses so we know the true cost of your mix design.

7) I create a Excel Worksheet that calculates volume, ingredients and exact cost.




30 minute initial consultation is free.


Additional time is billed at $175 per hour in 15 minute increments.

Being in Virginia, I have established relationships with testing facilities and laboratories so we can confirm the science if you want.

If desired, I can make all arrangements to have your mix design ASTM tested. I can either handle everything or direct you how and where to get it done yourself.


Call today for a free estimate.


Thank you,


William T. Kulish


Phone: 302.235.8591

Alternative: 703.451.4859

Cell: 609.703.2020


Kulish Design Co., LLC


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