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Bundle 7 each x 1/2" (#4) x diameterx 8' of "K-Bar" Composite Rebar with fused coating 1/2" dia. (#4) 8' foot Rod ***Actual Shipping Cost will be Adjusted

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FULL TUBE/7 EACH 8 foot 1/2" Rods aka #4 Composite Rebar


This is the #4 or 1/2" diameter of the ultra strong fiberglass composite rebar with aggressive fused coating for maximun pull-out resistance.



The Steelike Concrete System has been in discussions for quite a while with a manufacturer of composite rebar and is proud to announce that it will be distributing it to our niche of the industry.

What's the big deal?

Reguardless of different types of fibers used in any mix design, the only way to eliminate catastrophic failure is with a continuous form of reinforcement. Said "rod" needs to have the closest characteristics of concrete as possible. Especially in our world, rebar does not come close. I'll go into detail later.

Composite rebar does plus it does not memorize it's position if bent. Like a large oak tree.. it bends and gives and, here is the important part,... IT COMES BACK.

Diameter is also key.. metal rebar starts at 3/8" known as #3 with the next size being 1/2" or #4.
Not good for 1 or 1.5" concrete tops etc. Think about it, your putting something that is completely different from concrete and it's occupying 33%, if not more of it's height.

Conversely, composite rebar starts at a 1/4" diameter, goes uo in small increments.. all the way up to #8


I'll start posting specs, pricing etc. very soon.

Oh, you can glue cages.

It will be available soon at and any authorized Steelike distributor.


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