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Next time I post, it will be how exactly to make a concrete business card

So I have been asked how I make my concrete business cards for a few years now.

The concept has been around for a while.

Over two years ago a fellow artisan sent me rubber molds of his cards because he wanted a very thin card and I had UHFRC.

I made them and of course asked how he made the master.

His answer was it's secret.

I respected that and set about figuring out my own way.

I got multiple inquires from others after seeing his card online.

I told anyone who called to call him.  Then received emails, text and calls saying that he didn't reply.

When I pressed him as to if he had an interest in making them for others he said yes.

So again, I walked away because I only had an interest in making them for myself and distributors of my product.

Almost a year later I saw him at an event and he had this attitude like I was stealing his idea and was rude to say the least.

I again told him I had figured out my own way to make them, without his help in anyway.

In fact I told him exactly how I did it, what machine, software and the process Ill share in my next post here.

Instead of thanking me he got pissed and said "good for you, you figured it out" but he said "I am of the belief that you don't share stuff like this".

Okay I said so are you going to charge people to make these?

"Yes, he said with attitude.

Well it's been close to 2 years and he hasn't so on my next blog I am sharing how I have been making mine.

Respect has to work both ways, I've been constantly contacted and referring people to call him and he has done nothing with it, even more so disrespected me often, so look for my next blog for exact directions as to how I make concrete business cards.

see you soon!