Application for Membership

In May 2018, The Steelike Store will launch a private, member-only portion of the web-store, exclusively available to registered individuals or companies that have been qualified through an application and approval process.  The member-only portion will be the only portion of the web-store that will offer for purchase the Steelike UHPC mix design, Steelike sealer systems and all Steelike fibers.  


The public portion of The Steelike Store will continue to offer the accessories, tools, additives, training and consulting services previously available.  



The Steelike products are premium and require professional skills, the right tools, techniques and knowledge in order to correctly use them.  They are not, nor have they ever been, for the "weekend-warrior" or other individuals simply trying to make money by buying and using products based on price only. 


The Steelike line of products are for the highly skilled artisan, craftsman, engineer, architect and other creators looking for quality and versatility that will enable each to realize the pinnacle of their vision and possibly beyond. The dedicated few who want the best possible product to allow them to create the best results will now have a private membership to an exclusive club and the opportunity to receive valued pricing.


To apply, send an email at and we will send you an application.


Most suppliers will sell to anyone, even your potential customers.  Starting in May, we will not be one of them.


We look forward to continuing to serve those customers who are interested in the our products and services available on the public portion of the store.  We also welcome qualified and skilled artisans to apply and join the new member-only portion and continue to access the Steelike UHPC concrete mix design, Steelike sealer system, Steelike fibers, and other innovative Steelike premium products.


William T. Kulish


"The Steelike Store"